Why BBA?

Contemporary liberalized India is an epitome of opportunities. With these ever dynamic market conditions Leadership is no more an option but a necessity of the hour. Survival and success of the industry is purely an entrepreneurial intervention determined by the core competencies to perceive, envisage, and predetermine opportunity and translate it into profitable ventures or economic pursuits. Modern day corporate cultures operate within objective based environments. Sustenance is function of time and ability to achieve the objectives within the time. Where there are Transnational & Multinational Companies bringing down their goodies into the country, there is Indigenous counterpart which is assimilating the international benchmarks to compete and globalise Indian business. In such desperately positive economic circumstances the economy’s future entirely rests on individuals who take up the reins of Indian business for the future. This calls for true Leaders. Leaders who have not only the poise and grace to understand, act, react, withstand positively, the challenges of the Indian Business Environment but also have the ability to inspire, lead and make emulate the same by others with their personality.                                                                                

We, at Sridora Caculo College of Commerce & Management Studies, aim to emit such human resource into the corporate world, which at one hand possess the ability and skill of management personnel and at the same time represent the wholesome personality of being value based human force.

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