The Saraswat Edge

SCCCMS believes that pure classroom instructions are inadequate to complete management education. The institute’s relentless endeavour to bridge the gap between industry and classroom to bring the experience of the corporate into regular classroom sessions makes the BBA Program unique. Towards this end the institute has multi-dimensional teaching orientation. At one end, the faculty is given freedom to design syllabus embedding contemporary management issues so that the students are exposed to a blend of proven successful practices and potential concepts that might guide futuristic industry intervention. On the other end the curriculum embeds regular invitation to personnel from varied fields of the industry to lecture or share their experiences to build practical perspectives within the students. Summer Internships and projects help  the student to gain hands on work experience which gives him/her a pragmatic of the environment and work which the individual will pursue in future.                                            

Another feature that complements the uniqueness of the BBA Program at SCCCMS is its system of wholesome training of an individual.  As a part of the curriculum, the institute introduces every year, perspective building subjects that enable students to gain perspectives on various issues like life, ethics, morals, human & social behaviour, etc. The students are also made to do projects on various social issues to help realize and enhance their responsibility towards society. The overall concern of the institute is not just to make our students good management personnel but also responsible human beings. It would be inappropriate to say that BBA at SCCCMS is curriculum driven because it is 100% student driven. Participative decision making process is encouraged in the institute where students are involved into each and every academic and co-academic activity. It would be apt to say that almost all activities are planned, organized and handled by the students. All the major activities such as industry interaction, placement, alumna and so on are totally handled by the students. The faculty play a supporting role in providing them direction and guidelines. This provides the students hands on experience of an organizational functioning.  The website itself is an illustration of such an orientation. Apart from this the students also organize an annual management meet and other cultural activities through the year. Although still in the nascent stage the institute intends to propel this orientation to an exemplary training process where it forms a symbiotic relation between learning and teaching amongst the students.