Admission Process:

1. Admission of students for F.Y.B. Com. Class:

  • Each student shall submit Admission form duly filled:
    • Attested copy of H.S.S.C. Mark-list.
    • HSSC Leaving Certificate in original along with one photo copy.
    • Six copies of recent photographs of candidate and one copy of parents/guardian photograph. (Passport size).
    • Admission fees to be paid online.
  • No admissions shall be granted by the Principal unless the necessary fees have been received by the college along with required documents.
  • ll admissions are valid only for the current academic year and are required to be renewed by application in the prescribed form for every subsequent year of study in the college.
  • Students belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/OBC should furnish the caste and income certificates obtained from the Collectorate while submitting the admission form.
  • All the admissions are provisional untill all the necessary certificates such as the Final Eligibility Certificate, HSSC Passing Certificate, Migration Certificate, Transference Certificate etc. are submitted to the college.
  • Documents such as Leaving/Transference Certificate, Migration Certificate are not returned, if the admission to the course is confirmed even if the student leaves the College before completion of the course.
  • Admission will be done on first come first serve (FCFS) as well as on merit basis. Student with a record of good co-curricular activities will be given preference.
  • Payment of fees will be accepted through online mode only.
  • As a part of promoting social equity & indusiveness the college has reserved 5 seats for students from the economically backward class.


The student who wishes to join F.Y.B.Com. class on the basis of having passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate examination conducted by the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education,has to fill the university registration form online.
The details of the same will be intimated at a later date by the office.


Fees to be paid by a student to the college are as follows: (Subject to change if any, effected by the Goa University & Govt. of Goa.)


ClassTuition Fees (I & II Sem)Registration FeesGymkhana FeesLibrary FeesOther FeesSales MaterialExam FeesComputer Lab Fees FeesStudent Aid FundStudent Ins. PremiumLibrary DepositComputer Prac.PTA Membership & Development FeesCultural Activity FeesCaution Money DepositTotal
F.Y.B.Com 153058042047042070237082013070500500500708450
S.Y.B.Com 15304204704207023708201305005005007730

* The students those who opt for Computer Subject.

Note: Deposits are taken once on admission and are refunded (after deduction if any)on leaving the College. Fees are subject to alteration as per directives of the Goa University and Govt. of Goa.

Fees for both the Semester are payable in full at the time of admission, failing which the admission is liable to be cancelled.

Late payment will be subject to a fine or cancellation of term at the discretion of the Principal.

The Principal may allow any student to pay the fees in installments if in his opinion, the student concerned is unable to pay the full fees. But in no case the deferment of the fees dues of the year will be permitted beyond 1st March of every year and as a consequence of which the admission for the relevant year would be treated as automatically cancelled.

A student once admitted will be considered duly enrolled for the Academic year, unless he informs the Principal in writing of his intention to leave the college at least a week before the commencement of the Second Term. If no such intimation is received, full fees for Second

Term/Semester will have to be paid.



Pursuant to the directives of the UGC relating to refund of tuition and other fees, the Standing Committee of the Academic Council in its meeting held on 02/05/2017 has approved the following rules relating to refund of tuition fees and other fees.

    1. a) If a student chooses to withdraw from the program of study in which he/she is enrolled, the following four-tier system shall be followed for the refund of fees remitted by him/her.
Sr. No.Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is served to the College / University % of refund of Aggregate Fees
1 15 days before the formally notified last date of admission100%
2 Not more than 15 days after the formally notified last date of admission80%
3 More than 15 days but less than 30 days after formally notified last date of admission50%
4 More than 30 days after formally notified last date of admission00

*(Inclusive of tuition fees and non-tuition fees but exclusive of Caution Deposit and Security Deposit)

  1. b) In case of (1) in the table above, 10% of the aggregate fees shall be deducted as processing charges from the refundable amount.
  1. c) Fees shall be refunded to an eligible student within fifteen days from the date of receiving a written application from him/her in this regard.
  1. d) The fees of the students who have already been admitted to a programme of the University and have paid the fees and are subsequently admitted to another programme shall have to pay the fees for the final admission and claim the refund of fees paid earlier, in which case no administrative charges shall be deducted from fees paid earlier by the student.

However, if the fees payable for both the programmes are the same, the fees paid earlier shall be transferred to the final programme where admission is sought.

  1. e) All other cases of the refund of the fees will be decided on case to case basis on its merit.