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About us :

SaraswatVidyalaya’sSridoraCaculo college Library has collection of 17,700 reference and text books. Books on self help, biographies. Competitive  examinations and in languages such as Marathi and Konkani for the benefit of the staff and students.Library subscribes 41 academic Journals(including National and International) 16 Magazinesand 09 local and national newspapers(Marathi and English)Current awareness provided to the staff by sending list of new arrivals and any other current information through e-mail.Students come to know about the new arrivals of the library by displaying the list and current information by displaying the newspaper clippings on the library notice board.Our library has open access system and is open for more than 8 hours a day without lunch break from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00p.m.


Library instructions

General rules

  1. The users are expected to MAINTAIN SILENCE within the library.

  2. Users of our library enjoy the privilege of reading the newspapers and periodicals (magazines and journals) without depositing their reading hall tickets and expected them to replace the reading materials in place after use. This practice is introduced to promote the reading habit among users.

  3. We issue one extra borrowing card to the meritorious students.

  4. During examination time we issue one book against reading hall ticket for overnight reference.

  5. Every user who enters the library should posses the valid ID card and shall sign the Visitors’ register.

  6. In case of loss of library cards, the user must report to the librarian at the earliest and duplicate will be issued on payment of nominal charges.

  7. Library cards are not transferable each student should use their own cards.

  8. If books are found in bad physical conditions on return, the user will be held responsible. So, users are requested to check the books before borrowing.

  9. If borrowed book is lost by the user, he/she should report to the librarian at the earliest.

  10. Lost book should be replaced or amount of the book should be paid by the user.

  11. If the user fails to return the book on due date the Rs 1/- per day will be charged.

  12. Tearing the pages of the books or marking on the pages of the books are strictly prohibited.

  13. Periodicals are not allowed to borrow by the students.

  14. Eatables are not allowed in the library

  15. Student found creating nuisance or making noise are instructed to leave the library.


 Stack Section rules

  1. This section contains collection of books stacked on book racks.

  2. We follow open access system where users are allowed to take out the books from the racks on their own.

  3. Users are requested to bring to the notice of the library staff about the books taken from the stack section.

  4. Users are not expected to replace the books on the racks on their own without the knowledge of the library staff, this is to avoid misplacement of the books.

  5. Users are not allowed to gather in between the racks and make noise chat or speak over mobile phones.

Discussion Room rules

  1. Discussion room is meant only for academic discussions or any matter purely related to the institution.

  2. Group of students allowed to occupy the discussion room for one hour only.

  3. If the discussion is over before the time allotted, vacant the room immediately.

  4. Sitting on the tables/on the armrest of the chair are strictly not allowed.

  5. Students can take the magazines /journals /newspapers to the discussion room if it helps in their discussion, provided they place these materials back after the use.

Digital Library section rules

Internet browsing for academic purpose only.

  1. Chatting on social media or viewing videos for nonacademic purposes are strictly prohibited.

  2. Students found visiting inappropriate sites strict action will be taken.

  3. This section is strictly meant for internet browsing of academic websites and not for discussion or preparing PowerPoint presentation or for any other similar purposes.

Library Services

Library is arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification system. Library is having circulation desk, reprographic machine, digital library section, project report section, reading room for teachers, reading hall for students. In addition to this following services are available to the users:

  1. Current awareness Service Facility

  2. Information literacy service

  3. Inter-Library Loan facility

  4. Internet Browsing facility

  5. Photocopying facility

  6. Library orientation Programme

  7. Library membership facility

  8. Discussion room


Visits: 1330