Capability enhancement and development schemes

 Personal   counselling

 The  college  has  appointed professional counsellor  who visit  thrice in a week for counselling  of students in college campus. . Beside this  each class  has been assigned two teachers as class counsellor to   do the personal counselling of students. This has helped student in  solving their personal problems  and concentrate on Academic

Yoga and Meditation

 The college through department of sports conducts the yoga and Meditation for the student’s talks and session for the students by inviting experts from the outside. The college observes every year as international Yoga day. Yoga and Meditation help the students to improve their academic by reducing stress .

Career counselling

The college has  career counselling and placement cell .experts from the industry  and academic field are invited to deliver the talk to student on various career option available after  graduation. The college also conducts placement of students through campus recruitment.  Career counselling I important for the students in choosing right career.

Competitive exams

 The college is conducting the coaching classes for the competitive exams in Banking ,clerical exams etc. the BBA department of our college conducts coaching classes every year for other the UGAT exams  . The college plans further increase the number of coaching classes in various exams.

Remedial coaching classes

 The college is conducting remedial coaching classes for the first year and second year student in maths and economic subjects . This special guidance helps the slow learners   student cope up with the syllabus . The remedial coaching classes helps the student to solve their difficulties and improve their academic.

Bridge courses

 The Bridge courses are conducted in the form orientation and training   to student to bridge the gap between the subjects.  This will help the students in learning the new concepts and making use of their concepts in learning subjects.