Best Practices

Practice 1 – Organization of Class Seminars by Students

The modern world is not limited only to academic excellence. To develop the overall personality of the students, class seminars are exclusively conceived, planned, organized and conducted by the students. A resource person is invited to speak on a range of topics and issues from the current affairs, communication skills, personality development, current affairs, career planning etc. This helps them to explore their potentialities for individual development and group excellence, along with building qualities like cooperation, coordination, team effort, communication which are crucial in today’s world. The experience of organizing these class seminars have made the students more active and participative rather than being passive recipients of knowledge. The entire purpose of this initiative is in accordance with the vision of the college to provide for the holistic development of our students.

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In today’s times, a teacher is not just a formal entity to deliver a set of knowledge, rather they are seen as caregivers, a constant help and a role model and mentor. Mentorship has the power to impact the course of students’ academic and personal life trajectories. Human connection, built on trust, is the glue that binds student’s academic and personal lives, cultivates a deep sense of Understanding. Each mentor-teacher is assigned a small group of around not more than 10 students, and is given the task of mentoring them during the academic year. A student profile is generated which details not just to their marks but also their interest areas, strengths, hobbies, goals and future plans etc. The mentor interacts regularly with the students and encourages them to express their problems and difficulties. All mentors are required to submit a detailed report of the mentoring process at the end of the academic year which includes the record of the interaction with the mentees, the various academic and non academic issues discussed and also suggestions to make the mentoring process more effective and responsive. Student mentoring by teachers has proved to be effective in improving the overall academic performance of students as evidenced by the results at the semester end exams.

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